God leads the hearths of the kings like rivers of water.

HE installs/inaugurates thrones and let them go down, like HE, the ALLMIGHTY ONE wants.

So, winds of changing are in the air, riots are around.

We pray for police officers and peole who demonstrate for justice. Is capitalism at its very end? Don´t know. Is a JESUS revolution coming- sure!

To say it with the words of a professor from emerging germany: The meta-narrative of JESUS was: Tell the good NEWS to the poor. Let them shout out a great HALL e LU YAH! The great year of jubilee, that is coming around in great turns, several times in human history. Image- 1000 Years for GOD are only like one day!

So, another fact: on April 8th in the year of 2000 AD (n.Chr.), that is the year of